Death Walks (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by award-winning composer Tom Wolfe


Album by Tom Wolfe

This album features my award-winning score for Spencer Hawken's horror comedy Death Walks. This score was composed at the beginning of 2016, and the film and soundtrack album were released at the beginning of 2017.

When Spencer and I first discussed this film it was obvious that the score would draw big influence from John CarpenterFabio Frizi and the classic synth-based horror scores of the 80s. This score ended up being entirely synthesised, from the fast-paced action cues like They're Upstairs, to hair-raising horror cues like Hit The Button.

This film premiered at the British Horror Film Festival 2016, where it was screened at the world famous Empire Leicester Square cinema in London. At this festival I was presented with the Best Music award.

I've now decided to make this album available for free download, however you may also pay what you want if you're feeling generous.

Tom Wolfe - © MMXX

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