Tutorial: How to Create Movement with the Orb in Omnisphere

How to Create Movement with the Orb in Omnisphere


How can you use Omnisphere’s Orb to create movement in your tracks? In this tutorial I show you how the Orb works, from the controls available to setting up your own modulations, and how you can use it to improve the flow in your tracks! This is my favourite modulation control in Omnisphere, as it provides a lot of scope for user-controlled movement. Think of it as being like a mod wheel on steroids!

In the video I show you –

  • The interface of the Orb
  • How to use the randomisation controls
  • How to use the Record function and looper
  • How to assign your own modulation routings to the Orb
  • How to enable automation of the Orb
  • How to record automation in to your tracks

The patch used in this this tutorial, ‘Playing With Sticks’, is taken from my soundbank Ares, a collection of 100 blockbuster-style cinematic presets. For more information, head to – https://www.tomwolfe.co.uk/ares-for-omnisphere

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