How To Tempo-Sync Your Sounds In Omnisphere

Found the perfect riser, but can’t get it to fit to your track? In this video I show you how to use Omnisphere’s envelopes to sync your sound to your DAW tempo, so that you can use those transition presets with ease, or even extend or shorten them!

In this video I discuss –

  • Using synced envelopes to lock your sounds to the tempo
  • Adjusting the speed of your sounds by moving the envelope points
  • Adjusting the speed of your sounds using the Speed slider
  • Making sure that all envelopes are running at the same speed

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Tom Wolfe

Tom Wolfe

Tom is a professional sound designer, and owner of His patches and presets have been used by Hollywood film composers, AAA game composers and Grammy-winning record producers.

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  1. John H Van Eaton

    I’ve been using Omnisphere for years……. just layering presets…..

    BUT YOUR tutorials have started me programing patches from scratch… I’ve followed 4 or 5 of your tutorials, programmed your sounds – following and pausing YouTube, getting your sounds -and making further variations- Seriously- THANK YOU THANK YOU- I’ve leaned more about using Omnisphere in the last week – than I have in years, your Tutorial method has been a great lock down tool for me!!! ( Oh P.S. I worked as a synth tech, drum tech, programmer and ProTools guy for TRENT from 1994-2007)( Before Atticus was around)LOL

    1. Tom Wolfe

      Hey John! That’s awesome to hear, so glad that they’re helping you learn Omnisphere. I started doing these tutorials during lockdown as a bit of a time filler, so it’s great to hear they’ve helped keep you occupied!

      That’s awesome you worked with Trent, some of his best work was during that period! As you can probably tell, he’s a BIG influence on me and my work!

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