Recapture: 100 Hyperreal Synth Presets and 37 Samples for Arturia Pigments

Introducing: Recapture for Pigments


I’m pleased to announce that Recapture, my new sound bank for Pigments, is out now!

Based around a series of samples from analog and digital synths, as well as reverb tails, Recapture is a collection of 100 hyperreal synth presets and 37 samples for Arturia Pigments that take simple sounds and turn them on their head. Full of lush, washy padsserene granular texturesanalog-style basses and grainy leads, Recapture has an essence of familiarity, while adding a new and exciting edge that brings something truly unique to Pigments. With it’s footing in cinematic sound design, Recapture also bridges the gap to techno and electronica.

Recapture is now available for the introductory price of £14.99 (regularly £24.99). Offer ends 17th June 2020. To find out more, head to

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