Composition for Film

Custom composed music for short films, feature films & TV

If you're looking for a way to add extra life to your film, then this is the solution - an original film score composed just for you. A score designed to react when your characters do, to guide your viewer's emotions and tug at their heart strings, or to get their hearts racing and adrenaline pumping. A score fine-tuned to help every element of your film to work together, delicately crafted to compliment the film's dramatic curves, and to make the viewing experience the best it can be.

My original scores are designed to work with your film, to embellish it with high quality music which gets under the skin and truly reflects the emotion behind the visuals. I create my scores using high quality synthesizers to ensure a unique and recognisable score, and give you the best value for money possible. Work takes place remotely from my studio in Reading, UK, with communication being made regularly via phone or Skype, meaning that geography is not an issue (this is the age of technology after all!). What's more, I will deliver this score to you fully recorded and mixed, ready for dubbing, so you don't have to worry about a thing!

"People have exclaimed that there is a beautiful life breathed into [the film] and I couldn't be happier. Tom is a dedicated, powerful creative force that takes direction and still brings in his own bit of magic."

S. Christian Roe (Director of Rhapsody)

Award-winning electronic film music composer Tom Wolfe


Specialising in electronic and textural-based scores, Tom has over a decade of experience producing music and programming synthesizers, and is now an award-winning composer of music for short films, feature films and TV.


Best Music at British Horror Film Festival 2016


Best Music at Top Indie Film Awards 2018

Best Music at DarkVeins Horror Festival 2017

Best Original Score at Terror Film Festival 2016


- Jet 900 (In Post-Production)

- Temptation (Completed)

- Vehicles (Completed)

- No Reasons (Completed)

- Death Walks (2016)

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