Music from Sweet Water by Tom Wolfe


EP by Tom Wolfe

This release contains the music I composed for Drew Casson's Sci-Fi short Sweet Water.

When Drew and I first started talking about Sweet Water in 2016, I was immediately drawn to this project. Drew's vision for the film was ambitious, but I could tell from talking to him, and from viewing his features Hungerford and The Darkest Dawn, that he had the talent to pull it off. Unfortunately, by the time the film was completed both budget constraints and time restrictions meant that much of the score was pieced together from library music. Despite this, however, Drew still had a few moments in the film which he wanted scored.

This score demonstrates the less electronic side of my work. Much of the music centres around glass instruments such as the Cristal Baschet and Glass Armonica, and ties it together with orchestral timbres and subtle synth elements. My personal favourite cue here is Dawn On Mars - a delicate blend of cristal baschet and orchestral swells set to beautiful imagery of the spacecraft flying past mars as the sun slowly appears from behind the planet.

This EP is available now to download for free, or if you'd prefer you can pay what you want.

Tom Wolfe - © MMXX

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