Dystopia for Omnisphere

(7 customer reviews)

For fans of: Blade Runner 2049, Tron: Legacy, Ex Machina

A bank of 100 atmospheric, raw and edgy cinematic-style patches for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2. From sweeping, vintage-style pads and granular, ambient string machines, to gritty, grimey sequences and vast, expansive textures, Dystopia isn’t just another vintage-style sound bank. It’s a bank designed to bridge the gap between retro-futurism and modern cinematic synthesis in a truly unique, Tom Wolfe way.

£19.99 (£23.99 incl. VAT)

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Video Walkthrough



Requires Spectrasonics Omnisphere v2.5.0 or later. Using this product with earlier versions may cause issues.



7 reviews for Dystopia for Omnisphere

  1. Jagged music

    Love this new library of sounds. Gets the inspiration going to get in the studio and create.

  2. Sean Mahon

    This library has a really useful collection of deeply programmed and, above all, musical sounds! The nuances in programming and responsiveness are very noticeable right from the start and lend to the feeling of playing a “real instrument”. They will work well in many compositions / arrangements and also will be fun to play “live”. I’m glad to have found an excellent boutique sound designer and look forward to your future work!

  3. Jose Velez

    Incredible Sound Bank right here, not your typical sounds and patterns, this pristine Omnisphere preset bank has originality, these sounds and patterns that will give you instant creativity whether you are building the foundation, or finding that sound to put your track on another level!! Fantastic Buy!!!

  4. Daoj

    Epic sounds yet again Tom! Excellent

  5. Michael Dunn

    These are quality sounds; when you dig deeper and look into how they have been constructed they are painstakingly built, and it shows in the way they play and the sound they make. Each time I take a few minutes meaning to get down the full list of sounds in this pack just to check them out I get sidetracked as I realise something I could use one of them for and end up working with it on a piece of music. I still have not got to the bottom of the list ;p

  6. NoirMusic (verified owner)

    Very useful sounds. Big fan of the pallette used here so melts right into my productions.

  7. Jeff Briggs (verified owner)

    Epic sounds in this library…all finely crafted to provide endless inspiration.

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