Wonky Synth Presets for Omnisphere



Placing a focus on nostalgic synth presets with a cinematic flavour, Tapes is a sound bank that draws inspiration from an iconic tool of music past – the cassette tape. Featuring 50 presets for Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Tapes uses unique synthesis techniques to create a truly distinctive and inspiring sound palette of drifting, fluttering synth sounds with an unmistakable character. With a stunning range of floating pads, intense arpegs, and drifting textures, Tapes is the perfect tool for creating sonic landscapes that will transport your listeners to a long lost era. If you’re looking for an instant nostalgia fix for your tracks, look no further.


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The Sound Of Cassette

Tapes uses unique synthesis techniques to produce a palette of drifting, fluttering synth sounds that are truly distinctive. Bring the unmistakable character of cassette tapes to your tracks.

Instant Nostalgia Fix

Looking for an instant nostalgia fix? Look no  further than Tapes. Add retro charm to your compositions with ease and transport your audience to a bygone era.

Inspiring Sound Palette

Create inspiring sonic landscapes with Tape’s range of floating pads, intense arpeggios, and drifting textures. Unmistakable character guaranteed.

Who the f**k is Tom Wolfe?

Tom Wolfe is a British sound designer. Also an award-winning independent film composer, Tom is a prolific voice in the synthesizer preset world and, through his store tomwolfe.co.uk, has released soundbanks for some of the biggest and most popular software synthesisers and effects plugins on the market.

With his presets being celebrated for their uniqueness, creativity and usability by users and critics alike, Tom has worked with a number of industry-leading companies and his sounds have been used by Oscar-winning film composers, Grammy-winning record producers and AAA game composers.


Requires Spectrasonics Omnisphere v2.8.4 or later. Using this product with earlier versions may cause issues.